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Failure analysis and inspection method of automobile vacuum pump assembly
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The generator is an important assembly of the engine, which is responsible for supplying power to the whole vehicle and charging the battery. Whether the generator generates electricity and the state of the technology is normal has a great influence on the automobile, and it accounts for a large proportion of the engine failure.
In the use of the vehicle, the proper tightness of the fan belt shall be maintained. When the charging indicator is abnormal, the generator and the circuit system shall be checked in time, and the generator should be repaired in time when the abnormal sound occurs. When the generator is powered, the line and field short circuit shall not be used. Check generator, diode and generator insulation. Do not use flash ohmmeter and 220 volt alternating current to burn the diode. Multimeter can be used to measure the resistance between the terminals of the generator, and can judge whether the generator is faulty or not.
Such as "F" and "-" between the resistance exceeds the specified value, that the carbon brush and slip ring is bad; if less than the specified value, indicating the field winding in short circuit, such as zero resistance, the short circuit or the "F" terminal ground between the two slip ring. The generator with vacuum pump should be repaired in time when the vacuum pump is out of order.
Generator failure or vacuum pump failure and failure mainly in the following form
1 、 the regulator is broken or shorted or burned out;
2, the regulator is not adjusted properly;
3 、 rectifier diode breakdown;
4, charging too much, causing the battery water loss;
5, vacuum pump failure, oil spills;
6, rear oil seal, oil spill back pipe;
7, sweep the chamber;
8 stator and rotor winding short circuit break;
9, the generator shaft wear seriously early;
10, bearing hairpin, burned, serious wear and tear;
11, dirty;
12, transmission belt deformation, fracture, loose, slippery, serious wear and tear, etc..

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