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What is the working principle of an automobile vacuum pump?
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The vacuum source vacuum booster system, equipped with vehicles due to engine using spark ignition, therefore can produce higher vacuum, can provide adequate sources of vacuum booster, and to drive vehicles, the engine uses a compression ignition CI (Compression Ignition cycle), so as to provide the same level in the position, so it is necessary to install vacuum pump, vacuum source in addition, in order to meet the higher emissions for environmental protection requirements and design of gasoline direct injection engine GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection), the Department has not provided the same level to meet the requirements of vacuum brake booster system, therefore also need a vacuum pump to provide vacuum source location in vacuum pump in the system as shown in figure 3.

The vacuum pump is mainly composed of a pump body, rotor blade, and the inlet and outlet of other components, as shown in Figure 4, with the single vane vacuum pump as an example, when the driving torque through the engine camshaft and the vacuum pump connector to the rotor to rotate so as to drive the blade along the plastic vacuum pump cavity contour, and eccentric position in the cavity to rotate, figure 4 position of the leaf is divided into two cavities, the vacuum chamber, with the blade rotation of the cavity volume increasing, resulting in vacuum and the vacuum booster is connected with a one-way valve inlet to increase vacuum vacuum booster of the right chamber for the compression chamber, with the blade rotation of the cavity volume is more and more small, the compression and extraction of lubricating oil from the vacuum booster in the air to the engine. The lubricant from the engine enters the center of the rotor to lubricate the vacuum pump chamber and the corresponding components and act as a seal between the floating terminals and the profile contours of the single leaf.

Vacuum brake booster vacuum pump application system in the automotive field, the main types are the following: single vane vacuum pump, plunger type vacuum pump and multi vane vacuum pump, the single vane vacuum pump and vane vacuum pump applications more. The main driving modes of the three vacuum pumps are as follows:

The driving form of single leaf vacuum pump is engine camshaft drive.

The driving form of piston vacuum pump is generally cam drive.

Multi vane vacuum pumps are usually driven by belts, generators, gears, and motors.

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